SEO for small businesses

Seo for small businesses can take a bit longer, because small business owners don’t have big budgets.

But that’s okay, because with Blue Ribbon Rankings, we have special fees for small to midsize businesses, and optimization plans that cause quick results.
How do we keep our cost low and our service superior?

It’s simple–Blue Ribbon Rankings makes number one page placement on Google our top priority.
Which means, we won’t even contract to do business with you, if we don’t think we can get you to number one rankings

And, we don’t get paid for our services until you do get to the first page of Google

(excluding a one time deposit).

Could it be that the “other guys” just aren’t setting their goals high enough for you?
Yea. We think so.

If you’ve been burned before by companies who promise much, and deliver little, then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of our complimentary consultation.

Help is only a click away.


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