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Search engine optmization is a highly competitive field.
Today, entering “the web” with prominent search engine placement requires keen skill, and a laser-sharp eye toward the competition.
First page placement is an absolute must, if one is to expect any significant exposure.
Beware of any company which encourages you to accept any page results lower than first page placement, as a stepping stone toward the “big picture.” You should not expect to see any significant traffic to your website with page results lower than first page.
The vast majority of searchers view one of the first ten search engine results (those on the first page), without searching any other pages.
Blue Ribbon Rankings guarantees first page placement to all clients, or their full deposit is refunded.
We won’t even work on optimizing your site if we don’t think we can get you to the first page within a maximum of six months.
This saves you and us valuable time.
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